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Register: Cooking-method



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is a concept scheme | Container | Register
submitted bybootstrap

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comment Cooking-method
hierarchy child property narrower cook meth
hierarchy code Z0028
hierarchy root property top concept of
inverse membership predicate in scheme
label Cooking-method
last version 01.09.001
modified 18 Aug 2017 10:20:32.630
notation cookMeth
notation cookMeth
pref label Cooking-method
status status experimental
type concept scheme | Container | Register
valid from 1 Dec 2011 00:00:00.000
version info 2
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Contents (tree view)

Bain-marie cooking (in water bath) This cooking technique is applied when large pan that is fill... experimental
Baking Cooking by dry heat in or as if in an oven experimental
Blanching Process consisting of heat treatment of an organic substance ... experimental
Broiling/grilling Roasting, broiling, or grilling (on a surface of metal bars) ... experimental
Caramelization / browning Heating to the proper high temperature in order to get a dark... experimental
Cooking in water To prepare or treat by heating, using water to transfer heat ... experimental
Frying Treating with any kind of cooking where heat is transmitted t... experimental
Griddling Cooking on a flat metal surface experimental
Microwave-cooking Cooking by effect of microwaves experimental
Pressure cooking Steaming in a close special pan, where the steam produced by ... experimental
Reheating Previously cooked or heat-treated fodd, heated again in order... experimental
Reheating in the pack Reheating in the pack (usually by immersion in hot water) experimental
Roasting Cooking with dry heat, as in an oven or near hot coals, often... experimental
Steaming Cooking by action of steam produced by boiling water, without... experimental
Stewing Cooking by slowly boiling (usually in a covered pan). This pr... experimental
Toasting / coffee roasting heating and browning by placing in a toaster, an oven or clos... experimental