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Register: Ingredient



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is a Container | concept scheme | Register
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comment Ingredient
hierarchy child property narrower ingred
hierarchy code Z0014
hierarchy root property top concept of
inverse membership predicate in scheme
label Ingredient
last version 01.09.001
modified 18 Aug 2017 10:20:47.815
notation ingred
notation ingred
pref label Ingredient
status status experimental
type Container | concept scheme | Register
valid from 1 Dec 2011 00:00:00.000
version info 2
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Contents (tree view)

Alcoholic beverages The category covers all beverages containing alcohol. For tra... experimental
Animal and vegetable fats and oils and primary derivatives thereof Animal and vegetable fats and oils purified and their derivat... experimental
Cereal doughs -based products Composite products based on cereal flours and doughs based on... experimental
Cereal grains and similar and primary derivatives thereof Cereals and similar both as raw commodity and primary derivat... experimental
Composite dishes The category covers all those, among foods containing more th... experimental
Confectionery including chocolate The group includes any type of Confectionery including chocol... experimental
Dietary foods for special medical purposes The group includes any type of Dietary foods for special medi... experimental
Eggs and egg products Any type of Egg RPC and derivatives. The part considered is b... experimental
Fish meat and products thereof Meat food from fish and products derived from the fish meat c... experimental
Food for particular diets The group includes any type of Food for particular diets. The... experimental
Food for sporting people The group includes any type of Food for sporting people. The ... experimental
Food for weight reduction The group includes any type of Food for weight reduction. The... experimental
Food products for young population The group includes any type of Food products for young popula... experimental
Food supplements and similar preparations The group includes any type of Food supplements intended for ... experimental
Fruit and primary derivatives thereof Fruit and primary derivatives of fruits. Juices and spreads a... experimental
Fruit/vegetables/plant drinks, spreads and related products Juices or nectars from fruit and/or vegetables, Jams and othe... experimental
Garden vegetables and primary derivatives thereof The group includes any type of Garden vegetables (vegetables ... experimental
Herbs, spices and similar The group includes herbs, spices of the different types in th... experimental
Hot drinks and similar (coffee, cocoa, tea and herbal drinks) The group includes any type of Coffee, cocoa, tea and herbal ... experimental
Ingredients for food fortification/enrichment and supplements Isolated or separated dietary components used for fortificati... experimental
Ingredients for hot drinks and infusions All type of ingredients (commodities or composites) for hot d... experimental
Isolated proteins and other protein products Proteins ad different grades of purity, isolated from their n... experimental
Isolated purified ingredients (including mineral or synthetic) Ingredients groups that have been obtained by extraction and ... experimental
Legume seeds and primary derivatives thereof Seeds of the Legume plants and their primary derivatives. Unr... experimental
Major isolated ingredients, additives, flavours, baking and processing aids The category covers all items, used as ingredients and mainly... experimental
Mammals and birds meat and products thereof Meat food from mammals and birds and products derived from th... experimental
Meat and dairy imitates The group includes any type of Meat and dairy imitates. The p... experimental
Microbiological or enzymatic ingredients any type of ingredients of microbiological nature. The part c... experimental
Milk and milk products (dairy) any type of Dairy RPC and derivatives. The part considered is... experimental
Nuts and primary derivatives thereof Nuts of all types and their primary derivatives (like puree, ... experimental
Oilseeds and oilfruits The group includes the (edible oil containing) seeds/fruit f... experimental
Seafood and products thereof Meat food from seafood (with the exclusion of fish) and produ... experimental
Seasoning, sauces and condiments The category covers al those products (mostly fluid or semi-f... experimental
Starches Fine powder obtained from cereals by separating the amylose/a... experimental
Starchy roots and tubers The group includes the storage (mostly underground) bodies of... experimental
Sugar plants The group includes any type of Sugar plants. The part consume... experimental
Sugars and similar Mono-, di- and short-chained polysaccharides in dry or syrup ... experimental
Table-top sweeteners formulations Compositions including intensive sweeteners intended for dire... experimental
Terrestrial animals other than mammals and birds Terrestrial animal like amphibians, reptiles, insects and wor... experimental
Water, water-based beverages and related ingredients Water, soft-drinks and their composite ingredients experimental