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Entry: Sharks, rays, chimaeras


ISSCAAP group 38. Sharks, rays, chimaeras

Core metadata

is a food type | Concept
submitted bybootstrap

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All metadata properties

date submitted 18 Aug 2017 10:24:30.055
entity Sharks, rays, chimaeras
source graph graph

item class Concept | food type
label Sharks, rays, chimaeras
notation A0F9Y
register id
status status experimental
name bootstrap

type register item
version info 1
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Part-nature Fish meat (as part-nature)
Source-commodities Sharks, rays, chimaeras
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Hierarchy Broader Narrower
Master Marine fish Sharks | Rays
Reporting Marine fish Sharks | Rays
Exposure Marine fish Rays | Sharks
Vetinary Drug residues Marine fish Rays | Sharks
Bio monitoring Marine fish Rays | Sharks
Ingredient Marine fish Rays | Sharks
source commodities Marine fish Sharks | Rays

Full Details

Part-nature Fish meat (as part-nature)
Source-commodities Sharks, rays, chimaeras

broader Marine fish
broader_biomo Marine fish
broader_expo Marine fish
broader_ingred Marine fish
broader_racsource Marine fish
broader_report Marine fish
broader_vetdrug Marine fish
definition ISSCAAP group 38. Sharks, rays, chimaeras
hierarchyCode_biomo Z0002.0001.0003.0008
hierarchyCode_expo Z0007.0001.0003.0008
hierarchyCode_ingred Z0013.0001.0003.0008
hierarchyCode_master Z0001.0001.0003.0002.0002.0003.0008
hierarchyCode_racsource Z0025.0003.0008
hierarchyCode_report Z0001.0013.0001.0003.0008
hierarchyCode_vetdrug Z0006.0003.0008
Source-commodities Sharks, rays, chimaeras

in scheme Food type Identifiers | Source-commodities | Zoonoses hierarchy | VetDrugRes hierarchy | Exposure hierarchy | Reporting hierarchy | Ingredient
lastVersion 01.04.053
narrower Sharks | Rays
narrower_biomo Rays | Sharks
narrower_expo Rays | Sharks
narrower_ingred Rays | Sharks
narrower_racsource Sharks | Rays
narrower_report Sharks | Rays
narrower_vetdrug Rays | Sharks
notation A0F9Y
pref label Sharks, rays, chimaeras
scope note ISSCAAP group 38. Sharks, rays, chimaeras
state Raw Primary Commodities (RPC)
termType Aspecific term
type Food-type | Concept
validFrom 7 Jan 2015 17:14:51.000