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Entry: Tilapias and other cichlids


ISSCAAP group 12

Core metadata

is a food type | Concept
submitted bybootstrap

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date submitted 18 Aug 2017 10:23:56.458
entity Tilapias and other cichlids
source graph graph

item class food type | Concept
label Tilapias and other cichlids
notation A0F8K
register id
status status experimental
name bootstrap

type register item
version info 1
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Part-nature Fish meat (as part-nature)
Source-commodities Tilapias and other cichlids
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Hierarchy Broader Narrower
Master Freshwater fish Tilapia
Reporting Freshwater fish Tilapia
Exposure Freshwater fish Tilapia
Vetinary Drug residues Freshwater fish Tilapia
Bio monitoring Freshwater fish Tilapia
Ingredient Freshwater fish Tilapia
source commodities Freshwater fish Tilapia

Full Details

Part-nature Fish meat (as part-nature)
Source-commodities Tilapias and other cichlids

broader Freshwater fish
broader_biomo Freshwater fish
broader_expo Freshwater fish
broader_ingred Freshwater fish
broader_racsource Freshwater fish
broader_report Freshwater fish
broader_vetdrug Freshwater fish
definition ISSCAAP group 12
hierarchyCode_biomo Z0002.0001.0001.0002
hierarchyCode_expo Z0007.0001.0001.0002
hierarchyCode_ingred Z0013.0001.0001.0002
hierarchyCode_master Z0001.0001.0003.0002.0002.0001.0002
hierarchyCode_racsource Z0025.0001.0001
hierarchyCode_report Z0001.0013.0001.0001.0002
hierarchyCode_vetdrug Z0006.0001.0002
Source-commodities Tilapias and other cichlids

in scheme Food type Identifiers | Source-commodities | Zoonoses hierarchy | Reporting hierarchy | Exposure hierarchy | VetDrugRes hierarchy | Ingredient
lastVersion 01.04.053
narrower Tilapia
narrower_biomo Tilapia
narrower_expo Tilapia
narrower_ingred Tilapia
narrower_racsource Tilapia
narrower_report Tilapia
narrower_vetdrug Tilapia
notation A0F8K
pref label Tilapias and other cichlids
scope note ISSCAAP group 12
state Raw Primary Commodities (RPC)
termType Aspecific term
type Food-type | Concept
validFrom 7 Jan 2015 17:14:51.000