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Register: Source-commodities



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comment Source-commodities
hierarchy child property narrower racsource
hierarchy code Z0012
hierarchy root property top concept of
inverse membership predicate in scheme
label Source-commodities
last version 01.09.001
modified 18 Aug 2017 10:21:01.620
notation racsource
notation racsource
pref label Source-commodities
status status experimental
type Container | Register | concept scheme
valid from 1 Dec 2011 00:00:00.000
version info 2
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Contents (tree view)

Animal carcase The body of an animal after slaughter and dressing (bleeding,... experimental
Animal fresh fat tissues group covering fresh fat tissues (with eventually minor amoun... experimental
Animal mechanically separated meat (MSM) The product obtained by removing meat from flesh-bearing bone... experimental
Animal offals and other slaughtering products All the part of animals with exception of fresh meat (red mea... experimental
Bee-produced fortifying agents Fortifying agents produced by honey bees experimental
Bulb vegetables The group includes any type of Bulb vegetables as defined in ... experimental
Cereal grains (and cereal-like grains) The group includes any type of Cereal and cereal-like grains.... experimental
Crustaceans ISSCAAP division 4. Crustaceans are aquatic animals of variou... experimental
Drinking water The group includes any type of Drinking water. experimental
Fish (meat) Fish are gilled, aquatic vertebrate and/or cartilaginous anim... experimental
Fish offal Fish roes are the edible reproductive bodies of several speci... experimental
Flowering brassica The group includes any type of (a) flowering brassica as defi... experimental
Flowers used as vegetables Flowers that are consumed similarly to fresh vegetables (e.g.... experimental
Flowers used for infusions or hot drinks Group of flowers used as infusion material experimental
Fruit used as fruit The group includes any type of Fresh fruit, used as fruit. Th... experimental
Fruiting vegetables The group includes any type of Fruiting vegetables as defined... experimental
Fungi All types of fungi, where the fruiting body is used as food c... experimental
Herbs, spices and similar The group includes herbs, spices of the different types in th... experimental
Honey The group includes Honey as defined in the pesticide regulati... experimental
Jellyfishes and similar ISSCAAP group 77 (incomplete). Cnidaria of the Hydrozoa class... experimental
Leafy vegetables Plants classified in different genus, whose leaves are used a... experimental
Leaves (tea and other) used for infusions or hot drinks Leaves and other minor parts annexed to them principally used... experimental
Legumes fresh seeds (beans, peas etc.) The group includes seeds from any type of Legumes, fresh seed... experimental
Legumes with pod Legumes used as green, with the pods including immature seeds... experimental
Live microorganisms for food production This group includes any type of Microorganisms for food manuf... experimental
Mammals and birds meat Meat from mammals or birds. Meat refers here to substantially... experimental
Materials for infusions or hot drinks of miscellaneous origin Infusion materials from more parts of a plant or from parts n... experimental
Milk The group includes Milk as defined in the pesticide regulatio... experimental
Molluscs ISSCAAP division 5. Molluscs are aquatic or land animals of v... experimental
Oilseeds and oilfruits The group includes the (edible oil containing) seeds/fruit f... experimental
Plants where the vegetative tissue is used as food Plants like algae, lichens and mosses, where the vegetative t... experimental
Root and tuber vegetables (excluding starchy- and sugar-) The group includes any type of (c) other root and tuber veget... experimental
Roots used for infusions or hot drinks Roots with aromatic properties, used therefore as infusion ma... experimental
Salt Group/item belonging to the taxonomic group Sodium Chloride. ... experimental
Sea urchins and other echinoderms ISSCAAP group 76. The group includes any type of echinoderms.... experimental
Sea-squirts and other tunicates ISSCAAP group 74. The group includes any type of tunicates. T... experimental
Seeds (coffee, cocoa and similar) used for infusions or hot drinks Seeds with aromatic properties used to prepare infusions/hot ... experimental
Sprouts, shoots and similar Group containing all sprouts and similar food items, like Cre... experimental
Starchy roots and tubers The group includes the storage (mostly underground) bodies of... experimental
Stems/stalks eaten as vegetables The group includes any type of Stem or stalk vegetables. The ... experimental
Sugar plants The group includes any type of Sugar plants. The part consume... experimental
Terrestrial animals other than mammals and birds Terrestrial animal like amphibians, reptiles, insects and wor... experimental
Tree nuts The group includes the edible nuts from any type of Tree nuts... experimental
Whole eggs The group includes Birds eggs as defined in the pesticide reg... experimental