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Register of CBD products linked to novel food applications

Guidance on using the list of CBD food products

Novel foods, such as CBD food products, must be authorised before they are put on the market to ensure they have been through an independent safety assessment. Applications for authorisation of CBD food products are required, as these products are considered a novel food having no history of consumption before May 1997.

Products on the list

The products on this list are linked to novel food applications and meet the following criteria:

  • they were on the market at the time of the FSA announcement on CBD (13 February 2020)
  • the FSA received an application for the products before 31 March 2021
  • the FSA has validated the application or agreed that it is sufficiently progressing towards validation

The list applies to England and Wales only.

More information about CBD food products

You can find more information on CBD food products, the list and our approach on our CBD pages:

List updates

This list will be updated regularly to reflect status of the products in our novel foods authorisation process or if the details of a product need changing.

Product status


Validation requires checking that an application contains all information required by law to allow it to proceed through the authorisation process. This information includes the necessary evidence to carry out a risk assessment. If any of this information is missing, the application cannot be legally validated.

If applications are ‘validated’ in the initial stage of the novel food authorisation process they are passed on to the risk assessment phase.

Awaiting evidence

Some applications that have not been validated are progressing well towards providing this information, with evidence of plans to complete the studies required for a risk assessment. These studies must be of an acceptable quality and with a clear agreed deadline for submission for validation. Products linked to these applications are included in the ‘awaiting evidence’ category.


If a novel food application has not made sufficient progress towards validation in the agreed time or has not made it to the next stage of the authorisation process, we will update the status of the CBD products linked to this application to ‘Removed’.

Understanding the list fields

Product name
The name on the label displayed on the product.
Reference code
A unique reference code for the product e.g. cbdid4
Application number
The number assigned by the Regulated Products team linking the application to the products submitted. This will follow the format RPXXX.
Manufacturer or supplier
The manufacturer or supplier of the CBD product.
Product ID or barcode
The barcode for each product if applicable or any other individual identification number/code.
Product size/volume/quantity
A breakdown of how each product is being marketed including, all current size, volume, and pack quantity information.
Any other information appertaining to the description of the product that is not covered in the previous boxes that will help identify it.
  • Validated
  • Awaiting evidence
  • Removed
Last updated
The date the product entry was last changed. Changes include a new product being added, a change of details for an existing product at the request of the applicant, or a change to the status of a product.

The register enables a free-text search of entries. Entries may also be filtered by product status and sorted by product name and manufacturer/supplier.