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  • Consumer Understanding of Food Risk: Chemicals

    Report on findings of consumers understanding of food risk, particularly chemicals.

  • Fipronil in Eggs

    Fipronil is unauthorised for use in food-producing animals, we have acted with urgency to ensure that consumers are protected. Some of the products made from these eggs will have had a short shelf life and will have already been consumed, however, we identified some that were still within the expiry date. These are now being withdrawn by the businesses involved, a list of these withdrawn products are detailed in this dataset.

  • Food and You - Wave Five

    Research from wave five of the biennial Food and You consumer survey.

  • Identifying Activist Consumers of Food

    Survey identifying key behaviours and attitudes towards food, how and who is actively engaging / influential within food conversations about sustainability and affordability.

  • Manuka Honey Project

    Project to understand the consumer perception of Manuka honey.

  • Understanding Consumer Needs Around Food Labelling

    Research to gather evidence from consumers in Northern Ireland about their understanding of retail food labelling information when purchasing food, how this influences their behaviour, and their concerns and priorities around labelling information.

Displaying all 6 datasets