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  • Data Catalogue

    A detailed list of FSA data assets and data-sets. Covering plans, registers, stakeholder lists, and businesses reports.

  • FSA File Plan

    Details the file structure in the top two tiers of Wisdom - the FSA Electronic Document Management System. The file plan is ordered to match functions carried out by the FSA.

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    • information management
    • Running the Organisation / Other
  • Information Management and Security Team Enquiries

    A summary of internal requests for advice and guidance on aspects of information governance, security, records management and data protection within the FSA.

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    • security
    • Running the Organisation / Other
  • Internal Awareness Activities

    A log of internal awareness activities raised by the FSA Information Management and Security teams. Includes a brief description of the subject, month and channel used: FoodWEB (the FSA intranet); Wisdom (the name of the FSA Records Management System); and Yammer (used for social networking within the FSA).

  • Wisdom Usage Reports

    Reports on usage levels of the FSA Record Management system (Wisdom). Monitored by directorate to ensure that staff are complying with the FSA Information Management policy.

Displaying all 5 datasets