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  • Paper File Series

    Off-Site File Store Inventories (Iron Mountain and TNT) a list of paper file series originating from the FSA and the number of each held in archive, as well as their function and current owner. Information on electronic file series held by the FSA can be found in the datasets ‘Electronic File Series 2004-2013’ and ‘Food Standards Agency File Plan’. A file series is a method of classifying a collection of records relating to a specific topic. The file series is allocated a prefix made up of letters.

  • Poultry Inspection Assistant

    List of premises approved by Food Standards Agency using Poultry Inspection Assistants (PIAs) including numbers of PIAs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    • Running the Organisation
  • Primary Authority Inspection Plans

    A list of the number of Primary Authority Inspection Plans that the FSA has commented on. includes timescales and names of the Primary Authorities

    • Running the Organisation
  • Security Audit Schedule

    Completed monthly security audits (including physical, IT and personnel security).

Displaying datasets 21 - 24 of 24 in total